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Catch Me Cruisin' Lyrics

Future The Artist – Catch Me Cruisin' Lyrics

Catch me cruisin' thru my city, tank on full got 4 girls with me
Catch me cruisin 4 wheelin, high on life cuz I'm making a killin
Catch Me cruisin straight chillin, pockets on swole look at how I'm livin
Catch me cruisin' top billin cuz my tracks make the club go jiggy

Verse 1
I'm in that Lex GS450 and my speakers got that bump
People can't ignore the sound because the boom is in my trunk
My pockets sitting fatter than a freaking elephant
And my status as a rapper gets me any girl I want
So I'm cruisin, bumpin my music
Winning so long, I don't remember losing
Straight old schoolin, my high top ruling
Feeling like Biggie when he 1st wrote "Juicy"
See I'm straight, homie I'm paid HA
Rich niggaz like me get laid bruh
I'm on 10, sitting on rims courtesy of Lazenby rolling in the Benz
On I-65 in the 615 rolling dirty with the purp, a couple bad dimes
Clipse "I'm Good" on the stereo dash
The Fyütch came up, don't it make you mad? Catch me cruisin'


Verse 2
This is a dedication to the legends of the game
Snoopy D-O double G and big homie Dr. Dre
Before I had a car I used to dream of switching lanes
As I listened to my CD player turned up all the way
UGK, RIP to Pimp C. Bumpin Bun at the bus stop having daydreams
Couldn't wait til I had guap just to cop a drop
Picture me rollin blaring 2Pac
Used to want spinners like Three 6 got
When you see me at the stop light rims don't stop
Subs in the back that'll rumble yo block
With a bang so loud it'll piss off the cops
Whip the steering wheel, these chickens know the deal
I tell em hop in, head to the crib let's chill
But 1st you gotta cruise cuz that's just how I do
And everybody watch when a nigga roll thru

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