He had that pain in the knee
Made him walk like a duck
Popping pills like a junkie
Born to lose/out of luck

The other wasn't much brighter
But he had a dream
Beat the hell out of a farmer
Easy play as it seems

No help, no God
No angel, cold blood
No game, no odd
Pray the holy lord, God knows they gonna die in cold blood

There were no moon in the sky
No single soul to be seen
They were surprised by a child
The first to die on the scene

Very far screams were hearded
Blood was pourring out
A woman was beheaded
Her guts hanging out



At the end they were seven
Man, wife and children
Died on the hand of men
Loving God had no time for them

There were not much to say
On their way back to the city
They didn't find any money
It was a poor family

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Cold Blood Lyrics

Furious – Cold Blood Lyrics

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