You talk the talk but you won't fool me.
I once was blinded, but now I see.
The words you speak aren't reality.
You never practiced what you preach.
Reality is that my life is cold.
My middle finger to the sky.
Bitch. That's how I roll.
I'll never follow in your footsteps
Because you're not my kind.
We come from two different worlds,
But now your standin' in mine.
You wanna judge, but you won't look my way.
Your faulty words can only fuel my rage

Tell 'em what time it is!
We used to face the world side by side
But I've begun to realize
How you were livin' was lies so
I'll only tell you one more time
That this time you crossed the line.
You ain't no friend of mine.
Tell 'em what time it is!
No white flags no matter what you say.
You ran your mouth and now you're in harms way.
Try to test but we are here to stay.
You sealed your fate and now it's time to pay!
Time to pay!
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Time To Pay Lyrics

Furious Styles – Time To Pay Lyrics

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