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Big RX Man Lyrics

FunkyJahPunkys – Big RX Man Lyrics

That is for all those kids I've met, on all those drugs that just don't know why...
They speak of a forward but not a straight
But still their moves are propelled by a straight hate
Hate of their own simple dimple fears
That are the reason for all their closet drained fears
From one topic to the next, their minds intersect with an ancient ignorant intellect
That leads to the spiraling demise, of sparkle of trust in the baby's eyes
Those beautiful keys to the soul meant to be the future of taking back control
As we are held in by lack of try, we are slowly losing ourselves and their minds
Those minds we need to move on are the same minds we are forgetting to focus on
And for that darkest of sin, we're paying the cost with the loss of them
That's right, no more, bye bye, all because we are lost in their selfish lies
Lies about false needs and pains, we make true by flowing their fixes through our veins
Chemical seas of manufactured ease, so easily accessed by a plan and a please
Please no more big rx man, your cures are plaguing and destroying our children's land
Turning hope into death, while we fatten your pockets and sink into debt
Debt of our cash and our life, but the last of which is tragic, and the first just fine
Good luck to ya'll
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