[Funk Flex]
Oh shit
[Bow Wow]
So So to the Def, uh uh, J. E., Bow Wow
6 in the mornin, moms at my door
Air force all whited, cross the kitchen floor
Gotta interview the Dew, I ain't tryin to be late
But I can't leave the house without my Funk Flex tape
You know me, A. K. A little Cold Crush
Keep it hoppin like a 6-4 juiced up
Keep it poppin from the Tunnel to the plush
So So Def, yeah that's us
[Jagged Edge]
Tell me how can you, believe everything you hear
She ain't tellin you, cuz she really wants to be here, with me
And she would do anything to get with me so please
Don't believe a thing that she says to you
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Did She Say (So So Def Remix) Lyrics

Funkmaster Flex – Did She Say (So So Def Remix) Lyrics