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Shockwaves Lyrics

Funkadelic – Shockwaves Lyrics

Whooaa, I know
Hey, mon
The third world is on the one
Right on the downbeat
Sending out shockwaves throughout the world
Hey, mon
Sending out shockwaves throughout the world
And if I could feel the thrill
A little bit of this (hey)
A little bit of that
Rock and roll will never die (just a little bit)
(Whooo-oohhh-ohhh) I see my feet covered with snow
I want to take my shoes off
And to Jamaica I'll go
Hey, mon
Have you seen the way people get out of trouble?
They just groove
On the one
Everybody is down on the one, two
Mmm, hey just one more time for a little bit
(Whooo-oohhh-ohhh) Politicians are struggling
They're wondering what to do
Meanwhile, on Belle Isle
P.Funk is getting off for you!
I'm from the first world (you see)
I like to groove (I'm from the first world)
Don't won't no problems (don't need no problems)
Set up that groove
I'm from the first world
Sending out shockwaves
Whooa-hahhaaa, hey!
Hey, mon
Why you April Fool me, mon?
The Third World is right on the one
Right there on the downbeat
Hey, mon
I'd rather go dancing
Than have a meeting about your problems
On the one, right there, on the downbeat
Sending out shockwaves
Throughout the world
Look at my shoes
They're full of holes
Nobody cares, nobody but my toes
I'm a-from the first world
I like to groove (I don't need no problems)
Don't want no problems
Set up that groove
I'm a-from a the first world
Sending out, sending out
Shockwaves, shockwaves, shockwaves, shockwaves
Whooaaa, I know
Hey, mon
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Songwriters: Knight Dewayne Stephen Mc, Ronald Dunbar

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