(Ok... Heh, heh, hey)
Turn it over
Let the funk get stronger
Just a silly millimeter longer
Funk gets stronger
As it goes longer
Funk gets stronger
As they say in the great big state of Texas
An armadillo millimeter longer
Funk gets stronger (x2)
Funkadelic say:
Funk gets stronger
Gorilla millimeter longer
In the old west
It's a killer millimeter longer
David and Goliath (funk gettin' stronger!)
This is what they say
Had a little run-in
David got his way
Broke old Goliath and
??? In his stash
David was funky
Funk em in a lash???
Funk gets stronger
Armadillo millimeter longer
A gorilla millimeter longer
Funk gets stronger (x2)
Funk gets stronger as it goes on, ha
Check it oh
Funk gets stronger
Sonny should've listened
But Cassius wasn't Clay
Floyd's still pattin'
Trying to stop the day (gorilla millimeter longer)
Smokin' Joe was smokin'
It wasn't too long
The champ was still jokin'
You know what made him strong? Ahhh-ha
Funk gets stronger
Oh, it's a Thrilla in Manilla longer
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Funk gets stronger
Oh, ow!
As it goes on, just a silly millimeter longer (funk gets stronger)
Funk gets stronger
You keep holding me back
Put it where you know it belong (funk gets stronger)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Funk gets stronger
You never let the icing (gorilla millimeter longer)
Get in the way of my cake
Forget about the icing (gorilla millimeter longer)
Ooh, who could really fake (ow!)
So when you gonna do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it, do it-acapo
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Funk Gets Stronger (Killer Millimeter… Lyrics

Funkadelic – Funk Gets Stronger (Killer Millimeter… Lyrics