The world has come to it's end.
This god's created piece of shit has got what it deserves.
But for us is the dawn of new dominion,
The new dynasty of Satan.

Will you count on your idiculous paradise?
Can you deny your desire to kill and sodomize?
You fucking fanatically reigious idiot.
Once again the flames of gehenna reached higher.

The seeds of damnation breed with me,
Last breath of life,
Last breath of earth.
We are the epitome of evil.

We desecrate your pitiful god,
With pure satanic blasphemy.

In the dawn of the apocalypse,
I capture your followers beneath the rage of inferno.
Burning corpses,
Rotting corpses, the enthronement of Satan.

Believer, this is the price you pay for your christian life.
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Pure Satanic Blasphemy Lyrics

Funeris Nocturnum – Pure Satanic Blasphemy Lyrics