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Labyrinth Lyrics

Full Moon Fallout – Labyrinth Lyrics

Verse 1
His mind is a maze there's a monster inside
Wants to break through the walls and no longer hide
Rules set in place he must abide but he can't keep swallowing these lies
He's gnawed at the ropes and his hands are tied, strung him up and took his
Fought with his mind 'till his morals died
Now with tooth and claw his body fights
He's stuck in the sand and it's sinking quick
Tries to pull himself out but the muds too thick
Drags down his soul bit by bit
He's waiting for his mind to slip
Lived to long with a painted smile
An emotive mask of denial
Wants to tear it down but it's not his style
Falls piece by piece like broken tiles

Don't let me be
In this labyrinth
I've lost my heart
And my soul
In this labyrinth x2

Verse 2

Inside himself there's a war raging on he defeats the beast he thinks he's
Blood on his hands what has he done the very thing he hates he has become
Now he's lost in his maze and he can't get out
He's in a daze he screams and he shouts

He sees a path laid out for him
A string of lies so wiry thin
He takes the line to find his way back
The white before him fade to black
His foot slips as the rope goes slack
Now he's lost in his mind and his heart attacks
He's killed the only thing that drives him on
Now the guilt weighs on him like a ton
It drags him down into the sea
Of fire that should of set him free

Don't let me be
In this labyrinth
I've lost my heart and my soul in this labyrinth x2

Verse 3
He's numb
No personality
Martyr, hero and beast he tried to be
Now he's lost them all can't be all three
Left senseless he can barely breath

It's all gone black a flat bare plane
Knocked down the walls within his brain
Didn't know the rules when he played the game now he mourns his death but
Feels no pain
Heed his tail cos it could be you
If your integrity fails and a war ensues,
Inside your mind then keep your cool
The world around you could fall through

So don't get trapped in the walls of your mind
Don't break them down or leave them behind
Find yourself but don't lose your self in the find
Keep your heart insight before it flat lines

Don't let me be
In this labyrinth
I've lost my heart and my soul
In this labyrinth x2
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