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Serpents Lyrics

Fukkit – Serpents Lyrics

Put that lil' boy in the dirt, ayy
Uh, uh, yeah, yeah, uh

You was tryna knock me off my wave but I been surfin', bitch
She say I'm cold-blooded
'Cause my dick look like a serpent, bitch
I had to go my way 'cause there's serpents in these circles, kid
Niggas want my promo, want my name
But they can't have it back
You can have that friendly shit
You sold now, go 'head, take it back
Niggas think I'm short from all these angles that I'm shootin' at
Clip the photo to the maganize inside a duffelbag
I made "30", that made thirty thousand just for doing that

You would never understand the very person that I am
You can't be you without them xans
I can't be me without this trash
Industry is all ass
Niggas want my autograph
How should I respond to that?
Nigga, bring the pen and pad (Put that lil' boy in the dirt, ayy)
I don't got time to sit and chat
Hunnid fifty on my dash
Hopefully, I fuckin' crash
Empty out my thoughts all on the window of a tinted Jag
Roll one up and take a drag
Out in hell, I catch a cab
On the way home, bringin' snacks
All these bitch-ass rappers still in trainin' while I'm on track
You cannot resist or try dismiss all that I brought back
From the place you never been
Doing everything you didn't
Money growin' taller, patience shorter like a fuckin' midget
You still smokin' on midget
I got anger problems but I stall 'em till the show and piss it
Fuckin' on a blonde Bridget
Poppin' so much pills and I forgot where I left the prescription
They could talk a lot but that's just 'cause they don't know how to listen
I put all my problems on a paper then they get submitted
Bitch, you wanna talk about my paper like it's graded, get it
When it's time to eat, I treat the beat just like some gourmet dishes
I'm the greatest rapper, that's no cap, so check yo' fuckin' fitted
Lil' pussy!
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