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Mincemeat Lyrics

Fukkit – Mincemeat Lyrics

Yeah, what? What? It's what?
Yeah, uh, yeah
C-c-c-c-combo breaker!
What? Yeah yeah, what?
Yeah, 1, 2, 3

[Verse 1]
.45 stand tall, leave ya ass 6 feet
Short nigga die long, should've never dissed me
Google Chrome that username and check my fucking history
Guaranteed you sending shots, I guarantee they miss me
Niggas trynna cook beef, I'm hungry for that mincemeat
I keep a cannon on me, perfect picture when yo ship sink
Hope that make it click for you, ain't no need for clickbait
I know it must be difficult to promo all them miss-takes
Damn, that was a mistake, I really meant yo mixtape
She gon' give me noggin while I autograph her tits, face
Flow like water fall, it always spills into its fixed shape
I might need a ski mask 'cause I'm taking all yo shit away

All yo shit away, nigga, get up out my face
Every single time I see you tweet some shit, I know it's fake
Everybody wanna see some beef with me, I know that shit
Why you wanna try me, nigga?
You don't know what's up my–

[Verse 2]
What's that up my sleeves?
Disillusion and confusion
Death Grips on my knees
Don't be stupid, keep it moving
Hut cadet, at ease
My whole fanbase like a unit
Trigger pull then squeeze
Bloody pulp, all natural juicing
Slide on you like roller skate
That's cut up ice, yo Rollie fake
I memorize your license plate
Have intel locate your estate, huh
Where yo family stay, ya
Watch y'all separate, wha
While I demonstrate, wha
This whole torture chamber
Bounded to your family circle
Triangulate all emotion
Locked yo cap like keyboard frozen
Stop you in them tracks you posted, uh
That's yo familys fate, huh
Watch y'all separate, huh
Boy, you bantamweight
Disappear like phantoms, aye

Yeah, uh-huh, yeah
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