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Fukkit – IS THIS BEAUTY Lyrics

Now you meeting the me that you don't know
Life is A prison just look in and listen you'll find out for sure where your mind go
I eat lil' pussies like you for dessert when my high blown
Catch you I'm cutting your line off
Later they'll say I'm absurd and my mind gone
You can see that in my eyeballs
Lately I'm so off the wall I feel hate in my dry palms

Fire inside of my eyes what reside
Only thing keep me alive
If I will die bury me where my mother won't cry
Leave me there high in the sky
Is this that beauty only visible in prophecy
Don't pray for me
I won't be there and regretfully
I'll live with this virtuous poison X2
I'll die stung by this venomous scorpion X2

Beauty is this X17
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