Horny as fuck, Fucking some cunts
In the bad part of town buying some crack off some black clown
Going back to my house, Smoking Crack with my spouse.
Go into a Abandoned building, Saw some children.
Offered them some crack to buy, They all got high.
Their parents spotted me and beat me up till I cried.
I'm Smoking crack, I'm Smoking crack tonight
The redlight district is always fun,
Fucking some whores deep down in their bum.
After that I offer them some crack,
They better give me my money back or I'll give them a smack.
Crack sex with prostitutes makes my penis hard!
It makes my penis grow longer than a yard.
I kidnap the whores in my van and murder them!
Dismembered body parts for more crack it provides me Vitamin M.
I'm Smoking crack, I'm Smoking crack tonight
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Smoking Crack Tonight Lyrics

F.U.I.C. – Smoking Crack Tonight Lyrics