I watched the time since yesterday.
Every moment presence passed away.
Things I knew from here to there,
And that circling break could be I'll be where.
Because I thought I'm from the wait.
Towards the tower and lost the ivory day

I watched the time to realize,
If it stands still I think I'll will be wise.

Like it feels get the feet I will give to the ground.
Like a bird I will outside to the audible sound.
Oh no!

I don't care if Moons are falling down.
I won't torture if water coming around, Yeah
No matter if I say it's Wrong or right.
It won't reach me, come out of sight.

And I go through the darkness on my own honest land.
And I lay on the saviour's shoulder for a While...
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Time Makes Wise Lyrics

Frumpy – Time Makes Wise Lyrics