(Headshot Make Em Diddy Bop Off The Pavement)*6


Shawty got a headshot just for enteraining me
Crusing in my city with a buick with a felon on me
I let the chopper dumb damn I got a felon
On me niggas know the squad just for
Giving out them headshot
Hitsquad ent. Niggas know how
We rock keisha she a whore but she
Giving out them headshots she hit
Em one time she'll make a nigga
Bed rock (Boom)*3 yeah she ging out them headshots



All my niggas shooters aint
None of us changing I slide
Thru ya block wey shit up damn it's
Rainng I'm maxing on niggas give pain
Damon wayne ya bitch on my dick
She know my name damn I ring bells
I asked her how she know me cause
I fucked so many females she said
I dick her down she suck my dick
And I gave her a headshot
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HeadShot Lyrics

From Da Bottom – HeadShot Lyrics

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