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Channel 28 Lyrics

From Cities To Oceans – Channel 28 Lyrics

You stood above our ruined mass an tally every wound in word hindsight the wreckage wasn't bad
Collecting all the pieces I should of thought to grab a few before I took my leave and disappeared

Oh no, I'm not a doctor and I can't mend your broken heart but I can tell you all the tings you left behind
Oh no I think you lost the point I didn't say to throw the fight just wait until your days get dark at night

The space between the hills and highways stretches farther every day
Cause time will take its time Its god damn time

States geography will mirror my complacency alive and I remember every word
No I can't fall asleep I'm being bitten by the bugs that line my bed who whisper jealous thoughts inside my jealous head

Sixteen cigarettes
In sixteen minutes
My breathing can't hold on
We lost sixteen weeks at sea
In one false move
It's time we better learn that
Sixteen cigarettes (I can't breathe)
Sixteen minutes
I lived inside our mind and (I can't steer the ship back home)
Sixteen weeks at sea (I can't breathe)
Lost in one false move
We finally reach the heart tonight (I can't steer the ship back home)
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