Running to town in your fabulous gown with a dollar and a
Pound. There were two dollar swamps and the road with it's
Haunts and it's multitude of taunts. There's a room made
Of brick that will rise above the sticks and it's height
Makes you sick. But when you get through the night with
Your head full of fright you need the sun for a sight.
Because your running out the parlor again, running around
With your head for a friend. Singing how your making
Amends. Singing your songs to the many bends.

The river was scotch and you belted your notch and you
Slept for awhile. And leaving the room where you fled
From your doom and your blood beat a bom. It's a thin

Trail gone but you still have your song and the mountains
Were wrong. So walk in the fields and sleep in the grass
And pine, pine away. And when your thinking of love stop
Thinking of lights stop thinking again and in latitudes.

When you're walking alone stop thinking of dates stop
Thinking again stop crying on narratives. When you're
Dying alone, you done dying alone. You brought crying to
Every one. And when you fell on your lives keep sleeping
Alone keep running alone with every one. Baby's gone and
I don't think I'll be running here. Oh no. Baby's gone.
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The Hardest Night To Sleep In The Swamplands Lyrics

Frog Eyes – The Hardest Night To Sleep In The Swamplands Lyrics