I think I had a chance
But am I crazy?
If we are fallin' appart
Why are you dreaming?
Dreaming about the past
That we were not

Along the summer nights
My heart was beating
But recently I talk
Why are you crying?
You were the best part of my life
And could you replace it?

So wake me up
I need you right now
I want you right now
And knock me out
I watch you right now
I need you but now

We are the past, we're so invicible
We are the one, like on the westcoast
We are like broken bones

I know it's over know
And I can't blame you
I know that you can't trust
That I will stay true
You erase my footsteps on the sand

You drop my hand
And never take it again
But I don't mind right now
'Cause I got my friends
They are the best part of my life

It's fallin' appart
Can you hear me now?
We're fallin' around
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Eastcoast Anthem Lyrics

Friday Gossip – Eastcoast Anthem Lyrics

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