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I'm Getting Paid Lyrics

Frenzie Cartier – I'm Getting Paid Lyrics

Song: I'm Getting Paid
By: Frenzie Cartier
Uh 5x
I'm getting paid that's all I gotta say nigga 3x
Get them bottles popping we can do this everyday nigga
Throw it then make it rain We can do that 3x
Throw it up then We can do this everyday nigga
Verse 1:
I'm getting paid that's all I gotta say
I got goons every where let me know we can bang yea
I'm showing off gucci frames on the shades
That's about 750 man them boys off the chain
My aunt said you a muthafucking nigga
Gotta shot out rondon that's my muthafucking nigga yea
I had heart since I was a young nigga
Anybody try to hate we'll bust a lil nigga
I got swagg so the pockets of my jeans got no flaps in the back
Ima levi fein
Paris gang be the name of the team that's a whole
Lot of niggas but it aint what it seem

Chorus repeats

Verse 2:
Everybody wanna rap everybody wanna sale
So everybody wanna trap
Got damn man my nigga going back use to tell me
Every day what's a life with out a rack
Hit the club got them bopping already
Took her back to the crib got her slobbing already
They staring at the baddest bitch already
I don't even look at her I done hit it already
I'm getting paper what the fuck I gotta perp for
My kids gonna say what the fuck I gotta work for
She getting mad so she call me a jerk a doe
I got money nigga why the fuck I gotta flirt for

Chorus repeat
Verse 3:
I need a bitch that can gwop like me and prolly spend a couple
Grand if she shop like me
I wear shit like a small black tee with a big ass chain or a black rosary
Feeling myself like a lil too much that moscato in the bottle
Was a lil too much yea
I got money but it build too much throw a lot up in the air but it build too much
And everybody stay hating and shit
So everybody save gas when they ride my dick
Seen a few chicks they was eyeing my whip
So they ask what I do I replied like this yea
Chorus repeat
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