I see you walking down the street
Pit bull face and two doc'd feet
Don't give a fuck about
Who you met or what you say
Looking around not a care at all,
Thinking you're king of a pathetic world
When that truck mounted the curb
You should've got out of the way
Not so tough now
Lying around in your tee-pee squat,
Fire throwing fuckwits running amuck,
All you can think about is buying a trip
Or smoking pot
Candles and firesticks they're just the same,
Shouldn't sit close to a naked flame,
Maybe you should have thought before wearing that nylon top
Lying on the beach thinking life's a drag
Speedos hugging your enormous cags,
Biceps bulging you want to punch someone
For giving you lip
Go for a dip and you swim around,
You're such a good swimmer
That you'll never drown obviously no one told you
Not to swim against the rip
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Not So Tough Now Lyrics

Frenzal Rhomb – Not So Tough Now Lyrics