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Freestyle Fellowship – Popular Lyrics

I didn't always used to be so popular
I mean I never saw myself this way
I didn't always have this confidence
I never had so many friends
I didn't always use to be this annoying
I mean I never saw myself like this
I never knew my mom and dad was so outgoing
I can't believe they made me this way
What if the jokes I told wernt really all that funny
I didn't always used to look like this
Why do I think that everybody wants something for nothing
Why do I have so many messages
I guess what I'm tryn to say that I'm sick of being popular
They never told me it would be like this...

What if god didn't give me this winning personality
Then the world would never know that
I exist
I didn't always use to be this popular monster
I guess the system made me like this
I didn't always think of myself as this monster
I really never understood what that meant
What if I did what everybody else
I hope that you'll never have to be like this...
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