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Susie (Now I'm Cryin') Lyrics

​free cake for every creature – Susie (Now I'm Cryin') Lyrics

Sitting among many people, I
Thought I saw your mom's car drive by
But, of course, I didn't
I don't know where you live anymore
I still remember your phone number
I'd call you, but never before 9am
You came over on snow days
We put cheese fries on our pizza

I found our book of inside jokes
Wish I knew what we used to
Find so funny
Oh, you were so lovely
Susie, now I'm cryin
And I know why
I don't know why

We went to the movies
I stuck next to you at school dances
We watched fireworks under a blanket
People asked us if we were girlfriends
We were boys together
Ripped-kneed jeans
And dreams of going wherever
One day you wore clothes all colored gold
Down to the scrunchie

You thought you found god in a U2 song
And I didn't even
Question it
Susie, now I'm cryin
Listened even though I didn't like em
In my house of memories
You are the hearth
You know how it hurts

Cornfields at night
You thought it was fun
I was terrified
The ghosts that lived in your home
We searched the graveyard for their

Before we gave our love away
I saw you every single day
Oh, susie
I hide out in my memories
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