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Twos And Fews Lyrics

Freddie Gibbs – Twos And Fews Lyrics

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
I do it for the
Thug niggas and bitches off in my neighborhood
Bout to hit that pop with that product, make sure ya paper good
Statistics ain't in my favor, but I'mma make it through it
Don't work no job, man a nigga can't even get insurance
How you supposed to take ya babies on a doctor visit?
These conditions validate my excuse for this type of living
Gotta watch these cops cause I'm pushing poison like Michael Bivins
Running in your spot where you have them chickens is my religion
The Stick Up Man, so cut me in or cut it out, bitch
Quick to walk my dog up to your doorstep if you doubt this
Bury me with Swishers and at least an ounce to bounce with
Corporate Thuggin Mafia, you bout that life, or you ain't bout shit
Picture me rolling that brand new Ferrari California
And the sex was great, fuck a second date, it was nice to know ya
A bougie bitch that can't take the smoke, she ain't like the odor
Fresh off the dopehouse with geekers tweaking off my aroma
Fuck your artists, pistol charges, man I got like two of those
Better know when it come to them choppers, got quite a few of those, nigga

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs]
A few of those get me right for the nighttime
Getting gone til I see the sunlight shine
Yo pick to stay with a pack of bitches, that's super cold
That OG kush and them platinum cookies, I'm stupid blowed
So whatcha need out the trunk, cause I got like two of those
And when it comes to them choppers, got quite a few of those

[Verse 2: Young Jeezy]
I said I'm fresh off my flight, nigga, New York City
Had the tool in the club like I'm Shyne and Diddy
Said this shit can get ugly like Craig Mack
And my niggas in ya crib asking where that bread at?
Club, that means a few bottles, a few shots mayne
Live and die in LV, 2pac mayne
Thought they had me boxed in, boxed in the corner
I guess they didn't know my momma had me on the corner?
All I know is crack rock, crack spots, nigga, crack pots
They say hit the dealership and buy the whole lot
See I'm irresponsible, I lost the whole top
And this shit I'm smoking on, it cost a whole lot
Give my niggas 20 grand, shoot up your whole block
Catch ya slipping on the porch, knock off ya whole top
It's the world motherfucker, next the universe
Counting paper hurt my hand, I need a fuckin nurse
It's Young Jizzle motherfucker, I get it how I live
You pussy niggas getting love, there go Gangsta Gibbs


[Verse 3: Freddie Gibbs]
Gangsta Gibbs ho
Two bitches cooking in the crib ho
A quarter kilo and some Kool Aid in the fridge ho
Thuggish ruggish black motherfucker in a black lac
Black talon knock the letters off a snapback
He pushing packages, I think he in the rat pack
We got the villa in Anguila, blowing anthrax
Mob shit, there really ain't no speaking about this thing of ours
Born and raised up in the G, a nigga beat the odds
You see me floating to the crib with a fleet of broads
Might wanna fuck in my garage when they see them cars
These niggas drop that goofy shit and yeah I'm sure it sold
There's real niggas rapping, there's only a few of those, nigga

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