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Breaking Bad Lyrics

Freddie Gibbs – Breaking Bad Lyrics

[Hook: Ea$y Money]
I'm so poured up tonight
It's just me and this highway
I'm just driving
Don't know where I'm going tonight
If you see my eyes then, you will say I'm wildin'
Cause I'm on a lowrider in this four door
Got a cup full of liquor and my eyes so low
I don't know where I am going tonight
Baby I am just riding, riding, riding

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
Uh, feel like I'm drownin in this 40 ounce
Less than forty dollars to my name. boy, whatchu know about
Ratchets and ski masks, thugs with drug habits
Babies born hooked on this dope, guess we cultivate drug addicts
In the place I reside, really ain't shit to do but get high
All the way from the crack house to the church
Everybody doing dirt to get by
I just do mine, all by my lonely dawg
I just fell off when I'm back on it it's fuck all y'all
And all the broads, just to diss a nigga
You too broke to buy gifts for Christmas nigga?
Thought she was down but she dippin' off with a different nigga
That hurt my heart so bad made me wanna load my clip
Find where this buster stay and go smoke him over my bitch
I'm choking smoking this zip, shoulda been selling that
Smoking three fives every hour yea them Kevin Durants
Straight to the head with this yac
Straight with the pot with the powder
Hoping I catch a blessing
Might catch a stray from a coward


[Verse 2: Freddie Gibbs]
Uh, we cutting corners in caprices
Just throw some on the stove and watch me beat that shit to pieces
Take this shit back to them beeper-days
Back when shit was cheaper-days
Homeboy just got raided just can't stay clear of them people man
Money on my nigga books, and Sunday visits
Heard these mother fuckers talk about it, my niggas live it
But sometimes they get released and forgot who kept it the realest
They known behind them singles but nothing niggas and bitches
And I guess we out here beefin, I just caused a shoot-out at the club
The hardest ones to kill is niggas that you used to love
It's easy squeezing that trigger but I'm dying inside
I Brush it off like it's nothing and get high in the ride
Rolling this 4-door, yellow dope off in my Styrofoam
Slaying cluckers, mayonnaise and mustard what I'm ridin on
Rollin this 4-door with this fo-fo like I'm Al Capone
I'm living proof, the devils roof is what I'm ridin on


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