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Watts Lyrics

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Watts Lyrics

"I'm a vampire!" (Woooooo)
"The sou..."

[Big Time Watts]
Hey hello well I'ma tell you something about yo' motherfucking self man
Fuck you nigga you you left the family out
You got so much money you just looking out for every-motherfucking-body else
I'm living in a motherfucking basement
But we lost the house down there
Man fuck you You know what?
You a sorry punk, a rapper-ass pussy-ass motherfucker
Come come see me, come see me bitch
You ah you you're ah you weak, you weak, you're weak bitch
Now come see me, come see Big Time Watts... motherfucker
And then you left the family out
You had you had money
You had money to get that motherfucker out the, the big house
But you a sorry motherfucker man
I don't really don't wanna see you man, cause you know why?
Cause I might knock the fuck out you
You my nephew man but you know what?
You're a pain in the ass motherfucker
Got me living in a motherfucking basement now
Fuck yo' self go fuck yourself
And go fuck your friends, and whoever you is
Cause you a bitch ass motherfucker
Man I'm the man the role in this bitch
Fuck you you punk
You're a punk no good motherfucker man
Freddie I thought you was better than that man
You're a weak motherfucker man
Dude you soft motherfucker Freddie
You got money (mumbles) your damn self
Man fuck you, you bitch, I hate yo' god damn guts, dick
Don't call me, don't call my number no motherfucking more
You bitch
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