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Warlords Lyrics

Fred Small – Warlords Lyrics

In a dry world in a barren world
Water people need water
In the desert night around the dying light
Fitful sleepers dream of water
And peaceful tribes rule their lives
By water
And seething hordes raise their swords
And kill for water
In a world of drought
Water is lord of all

In a driven world in a plastic world
Oil we drill for oil
All the meek and the mean choose their dream machines
Line up for oil we shoot up oil
And nation states stake their fate
On the price of oil
While their obedient sons prime their guns
And kill for oil
In a rundown world
Oil is lord of all

Oh there's gotta be more than this
The drudging dance the obscene kiss
Oh there's gotta be some way out
A smile a shout

In a hurting world in a hating world
Love we reach for love
In the restless heat of sweat-stained sheets
We strain for love cry out for love
In a child's look an open book
And every page is love
And pushed to shove we kill for love
We cannot kill for love
We cannot kill for love
We cannot kill love

In a desert world
In a driven world
In a doubting world
Love is lord of all
Love is lord of all

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Songwriters: FRED SMALL

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