Righto, kick it in the guts, Trev...
Gumboots, they are wonderful, gumboots, they are swell
'Coz they keep out the water and they keep in the
And when you're sittin' round at home, you can always
When one of the Trevs has taken off his gumboots.

If it weren't for your gumboots, where would ya be?
You'd be in the hospital or infirmary
'Coz you would have a dose of the 'flu, or even
If ya didn't have yer feet in yer gumboots.

Now there's rugby boots and racing boots and boots for
Drinkin' rum.
But the only boots I'm never without are the ones that
Start with "gum".

I've got short ones and long ones and some up to me
I'm never dressed 'till I've got on me gumboots.


Whenever I sing at the opera, my gumboots are a must.
They help me hit the high notes, and protect me feet
From dust.
They keep the water well away, so me voice won't get no
You will not never see me without me gumboots.


Now Rob Muldoon and Rowling, they haven't made a hit.
They're ruining the country more than just a bit.
If they keep on the way they're going, we'll all be in
So you'd better get yer feet up yer gumboots.

Chorus x2
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Gumboots Lyrics

Fred Dagg – Gumboots Lyrics