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Just Flowing Lyrics

Fraze – Just Flowing Lyrics

They call me Fraze mother fucker, lemme teach you a lesson,
Reach for the Wesson, your face splatters in at least a few secondes-
Peace to the peasants, who cheat for the weapons
To finally make peace cuz there stressin but there dreams are always molested...

This rawest artist, who has rappinitus-
Kill you in alaska to get the disease wrapped-in-ice-picks
I'm nice bitch, but you might wanna take Peptobismal b4
You listen to try bite this-
Acid indegestion, so grab your finger, put it in ur throat and throw up all of my
Shit that you mentioned
Spittin like this Men- Will get somebody ta rock ur shit in a car, ipod, tapeplayer or discmen-
These writtens, grow from trees given by Keoni
So I puff-Puff neva pass, he actually owes me
Well The thc is my Brain is fuckin with me everyday
So I smoke More and More hopin that it goes away
But even if it goes away, the E pills that I blown away,
It was from my Nose Okay so don't go chokin on my name okay-
People love to be Violent, dancin with the devil in riots
Hold your head at knifewpoint, lets cut off ur fuckin eyelids]
I'm part lifeless, well life is how you make it while your fucked up and wanna try shit
Like Hey lets Slice this wrist high n drunk and see if we can die, get revived n still survive it
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