Send* corrections to the typist [Hook


anusI been smokin dat Ooh wee Have

you been smokin dat Ooh wee Cuz

I been smokin dat Ooh wee Police

said I was smokin I

said who me [Verse


its late one night And

I need to smoke Tell

my n anusfore he come Hit

the corner sto Grab

a pack of cigarillos A

couple of beers Blunts

a day keep the doctor Away

that's the cure Gotta

smoke just to get though my day and night If

my days a lil gloomy it'll make my day bright Smokin

til its daylight til it turn back to night The

next day ready to do it again that's right Shot

gun stop son Let

me pull on my own All

that bullshit with da smoke The

blunt be gone The

aroma in my clothes setting in like cologne Can't

stand around my mama when a n anusat home Hate

a n anusthat leech When

you smokin they reach Tryin

to linger round and s titWith

that bullshit speech Aint

talkin bout s titThinkin

you go pass da blunt If

you waitn on me to pass You'll

be standin there a month [Hook


2 ]:Smoke

a variety types of weed Choclate

tye purple, haze Red. hare Guareenteed

to leave a n anusin a daze Regular

if its some fire Then

I go let it blaze In

California smoke some s titthat had a n anushigh For

days Eyes

tight Ready

to eat Lets

get some soul food Probably

still smoking when I be a old dude I

thought a n anustold you that I love to smoke weed I

hope God don't hold it against me when I'm praying on my knees If

I got all the money back For

all the weed that I brought I'd

have money out the a Bustingay

like a vault In

2000 I was caught smokin weed in the car When

I got to jail I was smokin Weed

behind the bars Aint

s titgo stop this Got

a life time supply Keep

weed every where I go That's

why I stay high Lets

do the damn thing Get

the lighter Fire

it up Hit

the liquor sto So

I can put some hen In

my cup [Hook


fat blunts of dat danky danky 3x Big

diamond rings on are panky panky
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Ooh Wee Lyrics

Frayser Boy – Ooh Wee Lyrics