I let my city crumble
I set my prisoners free.
The fields of baron empty
As my people round and flee.

Now money holds no value
And neither does my life
We ain’t ’bout one woman
Who is pasing in the night
Didn’t see her coming
Empty her leave,
Didn’t see the fool I was
With the heart upon my sleeve.

Take it all what’s mine,
If it’s gone then there’s nowhere left to hide.
Take it all it’s feel
Seems you needed plenty more than me.
And you can steal the other hands
And extort my master plans
But you’ll never have a night like mine
’cause today this is where I’ll join the line.

There’s a merely punctuation,
I’m sure I’ll be okay
Time is but a mind frustration
But you knew that anyway
I only wanted love,
Too much to ask,
You acted quite the same
Until you lost the mess
Didn’t see you coming
Didn’t see you leave
Didn’t see the fool I was
With my heart upon my sleeve.


In the distance I see the smoke,
It’s just another man you brought,
I know what time’s make me sad
I’ve come to realize I’ll be a lose when you never have
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The Line Lyrics

Frankmusik – The Line Lyrics