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Fassy Lyrics

Frankie Sly – Fassy Lyrics

Say me nah luv fassyhole
Dem bwoy dey cold
Ah try set we up fe get we money and gold
Dem ah big fassyhole
Fire fe dem soul
Can do dem nothing through me dey pon parole
(Repeat 2x)

Verse 1
Dem ah sneak through dem wan know we secret
Dem a plan fe go station and go leak it
If dem know where it stash den dem woulda thief it
But through dem can't find a which part we keep it now
Man and man ah move like snake
But ah from long time we pick up de rake
Caw nuff ah dem ah smile and dem smile look fake
But we just ah go through the youth dem say it
But still......


Verse 2
Nuff ah dem ah carry fassy feelings
Through dem hear we and Denise inna dealings
Gal nah know ah nuff things we have concealing
How much and how much skettle skin we peeling. Star!
Through you nah know how me feel
If a never one thing where done dem fe real
But me manager ah work pon ah big labour deal
An me nah wan end up like Donovan Steele
But still....

Repeat Verse 1
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