Fz: "Hello there, welcome to the show. No, we are not going
To play 'Cheepnis'- that's right-but we are collecting underpants,
And we are collecting brassieres, we are collecting small articles
Of feminine underclothing. We are making a quilt... Really-trust me.
So here's the deal, if you're a girl and you're wearing a dress,
Whip'em off, that's it, see? No problem. Even with a pin... What
Does it say? 'Nobody's perfect. ' I guess so... What we got here?
Oh. Now let's see what's on the inside. Uh huh, trainer coos.
Okay. S'more s'more... Underpants, brassieres, just send 'em up,
No problem. Oh, you'll warm up to it. If you're wearing pants and
You have bikinis on underneath your pants, rip the edges and
Pull 'em out
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Panty Rap Lyrics

Frank Zappa – Panty Rap Lyrics