Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)
Napoleon murphy brock (saxophone, vocals)
George duke (keyboards, vocals)
Ruth underwood (percussion)
Tom fowler (bass)
Chester thompson (drums)

One two, one two three four

Alright, that's the melody
Now, here it is with the mouth,
As performed at evas wedding

Come on ruth, come on
Ah, come on ruth, sing along
Come on ruth, harmonize with him

One two, one two three four
... Are wondering about
Its a hit!
... Shoe
Take the towels
We want you to take them to your country
No, don't pay us for the towels
We insist
Get it through customs

And now, here is way number three:
With the feet!

Its so modern

Can't have any of that

Later on well have a dance-contest
And some lucky member of the audience
Will win a quart of finnish champagne!

That's a good...
That's a good...
Just wanna see how long...
Right! Okay

Alright, now here it is, all the way through
Its so exhilarating

Eric dolphy memorial barbecue!

Hey! That's a good idea, isn't it

Thank you!

Thank you very much
Thank you, and thank you
And thank you some more
And thank you very much
And thank you
And thank you
Giddis, thank you, thank you...
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Approximate Lyrics

Frank Zappa – Approximate Lyrics