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Toad Vision Lyrics

Frank Leone – Toad Vision Lyrics

Even my doubt, yeah how you doing?
I'm fin to spit it out, get it out, dit it out
Hit it, better believe it I love you but don't fuss
Skit about, feeling good about that
I say too cool living there for yeah
King kong with the beat pumping,
With the bat to the back, at the bat
Come show your back concerned that I rap
Can burn never live to make sure
That I'll never get brainiac
After ways call like separates to my nebula ever to try
Check your man's fin to get you handed bandit
Bitches stitching bandages
On my mandage mayhem, amends the shit
Had to get another gram at the fans, swift hands
Often to get a better grip on shit
Girlfriend to get a better let on my office
All these chicks could have been around town
Downtown if I grand pound that bitch get off
Pound on my wrist, girl no don't know from me what
Flirt in the dirt no skirt, no shirt
More perk and I make that berry pop
Me and that girl barely we fairly rock
Pair with the flare with the cherry top
From the very pop, where the sun don't shine
Where the young don't climb,
You're a box off girl, you're a fox off
Damn, damn to the cold
Valo when I'm in to go
For the cock reload and rock and roll can't seem you to get hot, bitch!

I say this ain't your world
Send them to the hospital, no referral
I don't spit, I earl
Vom my 10 4 kilometers are in monetary
Heart race, keep your grill pump like a bear
From a shottie so come shoot me
You'll be on the floor like movies
With my lyrical musket, show you that chemical combustion
Pop on, this ain't rap
Hey I'ma show you how it truly goes
I'm bout to expose niggas like a nudy pose
Jam niggas wait, hit to be alarm behind me
Before I take the time of the day
These niggas will be, begging to free
For me to please, not chop em down to make them stay by me
And listen to what I say, it ain't checkers it's testing
Check mate will be the next move I make
So if a nigga that be hacking to squat me
Except for that form, you wanna thought I want
You'd better all nigga hear yey, kill it,
Moving like caterpillar, turn the legs on my lyrics
And see if I'm the rudest one
And I don't know another track that I just can't read it
Bar for bar, bar now
Sees the leaders, the niggas ain't seeing me
Star wars, I seize the beef?
So think for the next time you speak to me!
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