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Miss You So Lyrics

Frances England – Miss You So Lyrics

As I look into your eyes V1
I can see the deciet and lies
There is living prove
You cannot tell the truth.

As you lay next to her V2
Stroking her hair you prefere
To keep me in the dark
My heart bears the mark

Some how somewhere bridge
You stay there forgetting
I'm here lonely
Just want you to hold me
And be here for me baby
Oh why can't I be enough.

I cannot live with you chorus
I cannot live without you
Tears running down my face
My heads all over the place
Tell me why can't you see
Your heart was ment for me
I cannot let go
Baby you best know I miss you so

As the phone lays in my hand V3
Itry my upmost to understand
How our love went so wrong
Were together for so long

As you kiss her on her cheek V4
It makes me tremble when I speak
Hearing you on the phone
I need you back home

Repeat bridge twice
Chorus three times

Why oh why coz I miss you so.

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