(In french)
We don't understand each other
It's like we're speaking a different language

Take an empty page, reflect your empty days
How can you make something out of nothing
The ink never stays, no what just remains
You hold a thought, but it runs away

And I can't turn around until you talk out loud
And make a sound
Plasticine expressions explain exactly
What we meant to them

I met a feral child and we shared a smile
The feeling left, but never felt as wild
She had letters sent, it was evidence
She kept herself inside a broken wall again

I whisper in your ears, until you disappear
Remember what it's like to try until you vanish
Now the moment's lost, but not your stolen thoughts
You talk as though you're the one who always planned it

I whisper in your ears until you disappear
I whisper in winter until the words appear

I whisper in winter
I whisper in winter
I whisper, I'll miss her
I whisper in winter
I whisper in your ears until you disappear
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Whisper In Winter Lyrics

Frame The City – Whisper In Winter Lyrics