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Stolen Credit Card Lyrics

Four Year Strong – Stolen Credit Card Lyrics

from album: Four Year Strong (2015)
[Verse 1]
Beat by beat and line by line
I got a hole in my heart that once held pride
For fifteen years I did my time
Watch my life flash right before my eyes
I'm fading into the unfamiliar
I'm spending my time holding my breath

If you're gonna tear me down (tear me down)
Then you better have both feet planted on the ground

Open up your eyes and let the light in
Take a shot in the dark
I've got my ear to the ground and my eye on the prize
Take a leap of faith without learning to fly
It's my time to shine
I'm gonna light up the world
Til I'm the last one standing

[Verse 2]
Locked inside a room without a door
Found a crack spreading out along the floor
I saw bright light through the divide
So I dug my way through to the other side
What happened to the burning desire
For you to pull yourself back to your feet

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

All the years knowing the truth with nothing to lose
In time, the stars will align and show you the proof
But will it matter to you, if I ever pull through
Save me
Bring back to life

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]
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