Want to change your situation
But your pride is there
I know it must be petty but your pride is negative
With it you will never reach the top

Have you been aware of all
The things you have done till now
Forgetting something is the same to run away
Fuel for yourself
Call it a cornerstone
The past is something that you keep

People will soon forget you
They will fade away from you
The world and yourself is one, what you do
Will always come back to you

"Impossible no way" that's words to protect yourself
Why do you dread change cause it doesn't matter if you fail
Everyone just wants to see, you put it into action

Doesn't make a difference it could be anything
You could get up and go outside not say a single thing
That's how everything begins,
That's how people spark a new start
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Beginning Lyrics

Four Get Me A Nots – Beginning Lyrics

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