Don't we love the stars,
On a screen at night
They distract us from the wars we fight
If we could take them from the sky
And put them in a jar, theyd surely die
Little stars in our eyes
Our hellos, our good-byes
Cant tell us how, can't tell us why
We all live and laugh and cry
Like little stars
I sit and stare, it's sweet release
Hoping to find some sense of peace
When I reach out, Im afraid I'll fall
I can't quite see through the next brick wall;
Because of
Something that's inside of me
Is screaming at eternity
It moves me forward like a train
Through lessons I must learn through pain
Careful what you wish for, it may come true
And when your wish is staring back at you
It may not seem worthy, may not seem right
If you see it in the dark instead of the light; of
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Little Stars Lyrics

Four Bitchin' Babes – Little Stars Lyrics