Fucked hope, what can I do? I'm trying so hard to get to you.
But you refuse to hear a single word of truth.
But every lie they swore as true falls like music to your ears.

How can we live our lives so unaware?
How can we love if we are so fucking scared?
And my only regret is I once played the same dreadful tune.

You sing the same songs your parents sang about their unflinching devotion
To everything. Everything sick and wrong with yesterday and today.
They broke you down and stole everything, and you openly embraced that this
Life was not your very own.

False hope is all they'll give to you.
Best years is what they'll take from you.
You were robbed, how long will it be before you see?

All the skinned knees you should have felt,
A thousand ways to break free, but you won't.
So keep carrying your father's cross and living your mother's dreams,
Never getting to express a voice you can make.
You were never there, never there for yourself.
Never there for yourself.
And now I don't know who's to blame.
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A Thousand Ways Lyrics

Foundation – A Thousand Ways Lyrics