-take a breath

-take a lifetime to multiply
-its just an ordinary day

-got to move
-got to find time to simplify
-now that your time has come today

-and I don't mind
-if you're around me
-and I don't care

-take it in
-pass it by can we justify
-what we could follow down today

-got to move
-got to track and we implify
-as we change our way

Chorus:-you wont see it
-if you don't believe it
-its your time to find a way
-you can't see it
-its your time to find a way

-there's a breathe
-there's a life can we multiply
-its just an ordianry day

-got to move
-break cycle modern life
-as we fade away


-we are going to least only
-what can I take into possibly
-i can run
-i can see
-watch you didn't fall for me

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Multiply Lyrics

Forty Foot Echo – Multiply Lyrics