[Music and Lyrics by herr morbid - Summer 1999, Autumn/Winter 2000]

Observe the snow under which I lie with empty eyes
Losing life, remembrances of cries
Frozen images of last sick days
The forceless body hanged shows me ill-fated ways

Recalling desolation, no one cried my death
The acrid taste of rotting takes my breath away
My violet lips covered with frost
The paleness of those walls is lost...
It's fucking lost

The winter grows cold
It takes me into the frame of dust and old
The silence in me...
Please Death set me free

Fallin' upon my buried coffin
The snow freezes my last smile
And the tears are crystallized
But the pain remains in me

Still and cold and dead
My body lies under the ground
A withered flower falls on me
Upon the ice of my grave

Entombed by winter...

Memories of life, times lost in my mind
Ages of a forgotten existence, so far now
Dusty shells of pictures buried by years
Tell me who I am
Tell me how to see my dawn...

Were we born to struggle and suffer?
Happiness is a short while
Where we forget to be humans
Hate is only a waste of time
The cold is growing, end of days
Hold my body and take me far away
Far away from this grave of frost
We must enjoy these moments of inhumanity
Before they take our dream away...

Entombed by winter
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Entombed By Winter Lyrics

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