This a question with no answer, we are old as we know,
Why are we here and how do we measure while were torn!

Verse 1:
I sometimes wonder why the things I've always wanted were so far away
From every tomb I had to ever get a closer look at what I thought would make this better now.
The thoughts inside my head, I could and I would fix this mess I'm in right now, but I don't and I won't
Cause it stinks to do it.
Instead I throw my time away like water on a coldest winters day I can't explain.

Could you be my life
Amongst no other words
I'm good to know
Won't ever go...
Could I spend my time
Wondering if all of this is right...

Verse 2:
I never felt this one before never taught I'd know just exacly how it feels, to feel so Queen of everything that was holding me down. Don't try and hide you're fallen face for what you know you done, you are more then just a person I can see what you've become.

Chorus x1

Verse 3:
I will take you by the hand don't let go, I will take u by the hand don't let go, and then one day you'll be gone then you'll see it's okay, it's a guess, what? I will never turn you away, turn you away
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Like The Effects Of The Wind Lyrics

Forgiven Rival – Like The Effects Of The Wind Lyrics