Noises of distraction
Bombards from all directions
Never a moments rest for the consumed

The sirens call
Beckons me into her arms
After all
I succumb to seduction

I recall
The Irresistible compulsions
Big or small
Time slowly slips away

Reprogram the mind in the language that it speaks
Anchors of the past scratched out as old memories

The Sirens call
Distracts me once again
Subtle fall
Chips piece by piece

Once and for all
Conquering the daemons
Standing tall
I reclaim control

The ghosts of the past which haunts our esteem
Sinking legions of time As it drains into obscurity
Forced into action, despite the heavy burden
Frees oneself from the latches of these chains

Tethers long buried
Yet still holding strong
Teaching us the mystery of release

Be the journey and not the goal
Though at times you may lose hope
Give not your power to the fleeting things

Intoxication dulls the senses
Killing the pain with everything else

Constant activity on the trivium of life
Cut out the excess with a surgical knife

Refusing to look in the mirrors reflection
Afraid of what appears before thee

Striving at fulfillment but never reached
A never ending circle of valleys and peaks

The same time given to all of mankind
Make with awareness The choices that decide your life
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Sirens Call Lyrics

Forever Dawn – Sirens Call Lyrics