The time she's starving for the love from her innocence.
She knows her parents have forgotten how...
For years they've been screaming, â??I want out!â??
Here eyes comply it's finally happened now.

Inside her room she hears her father slam the door.
His final words still linger in the air:
Â??It's hard to love you, when I don't who you've become!â??
The mother's screaming,
Â??So go ahead leave - we are done!â??

Emotions stay inside.
Lock the door, throw away the key.
She'll never let her tears run out.

This pain has made it hard to breath.
Her parents love is failing.
She's crying out for some relief,
From this great divide.
She appears to be alive,
While dying from the inside out

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Great Divide Lyrics

Forever Changed – Great Divide Lyrics