I am desperate for an analyptic memory,
Something soft and warm to blanket and surround me.
The night is cold and seconds feeling like for ever,
And I'm not thinking of the morning being better.


My head is splitting like a faultline on the westside,
I'm quickly drifting from the place I like to spend my
Where did it come from all the trouble that pursues me,
I'm tired of running and my skin is pale from hiding.

Why, is everything straining.

Who am I to face an army such as this one,
They'll blow right through my like an unforgiving cannon.
I was just a blade of grass amongst a giant pasture,
Then singled out and now my life is a disaster.

Why, it happened way too fast and now I'm a disaster

I might be little but I'm pounding on your front door,
I'm dying to know just what every single details for.
My heart is empty of pouring all there is to know,
I need you with me, I need you with me now.
I need you with me now.
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Need You With Me Lyrics

Foreign Oren – Need You With Me Lyrics