Thick slithering turns your head
Better watch it or you'll soon be dead
Fifty breaths, one hundred, you feel him creep
From the branches Anaconda leaps
Piles of broken shattered bone
Litter the jungle's floor
Doesn't have to eat them all
Knows there's plenty of fools in store

Feel the coils, take your breath
Crack your ribs, the grip of death
Into the room, you feel him creep
Anaconda haunts your sleep, haunts your sleep

Mana, towa, guna, mona
Witch doctor chants the tune
Thunder & lightning storm the shores
In the light of the moon

Repeat chorus

The sounds of night they haunt your senses
Apprehension tears down your defenses
Your skin crawls you feel the sensation
Indian legend fulfills revelation
There's nothing left for you to do
You feel Anaconda come for you
Bright flashes in the Amazon skies
Reveal the patterns of Anaconda's sides

Repeat chorus
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Anaconda Lyrics

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