Believe in me for goodness sake, for goodness sake.
The trust that you take, the trust that you ache.
The love that you hate holding fear as you fate.
The movement you make, the lies that you take...
The love that you hate.
Believe. Believe is seeing, just shut your eyes.
Repeat. Nothing comes easy.

Remembering that look in your eyes, I swear I saw you.
With my back against the wall.
I wish I knew you from before, from before.
With my back against the wall,
I wish I knew you from before, let's make no mistakes.

When you say those words mean forever.
Make no mistake, you make no mistakes.
Somehow I feel you truly meant never,
With chances I take you were my mistake.

When you say forever, forever is too long.
When you say never, I believe you.
Believing is seeing
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Resurface The End Lyrics

For The Fallen Dreams – Resurface The End Lyrics