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Out Of Line Lyrics

For All I Am – Out Of Line Lyrics

How could you try to make amends?
When all you do is make my happiness end?
When the words you speak,
Is your effort to keep, what you made broken.
You're so soft spoken and your intentions are poor
I don't know anymore.

Repeat this to yourself.

"I have to keep my enemies closer than my friends,
But all of my friends are my enemies,
And this will be my end."

I don't know anymore.
This may be my end.

How dare you think you can ask me for more?
As you throw my heart against the floor.
And the floorboards began to rot.
And no, the pain just won't stop.
How dare you think you can ask me for more?

You claim you're proud of being the bigger man?
Well sadness will drown you,
With your feet in quicksand.
Roots of hope have once wrapped around my brain.
Next, they decayed,
Because you planted a seed, and it made me insane.
I'm not trying to play these games.
Or else I'll be forced to decide your fate.

Once upon a time
I could've called you my friend.
But now I am your enemy.
But now I'm your enemy.
I am your end.

So called fucking friend.
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