There was a Pegasus with jet-black fur
And the paths it passed by were destroyed,
Rotten and burned

It says: I see the world is covered with white
I am jet-black spot
No matter how much I cry,
I get white wings just in my dreams

Eating nice ones, I lurk in a hollow

A man came
His hand was so warm
His shadow whispered:
Blac kspot can be an art on the white canvas


The kngiht in dusky blood coloured armour is
On my back
I unfolded my black wings
Scattering wind that makes lands decay
I will fly away for destruction

Is this my will?
Did God want me to die peacefully,
Obeying providence and morality?

I see the world is covered with white
With full gallop above I ate men at random

My master turned his head and
Looked at scribbled black line

Feeling my heart was closing, I look back too
Without hesistation

The shadows whispered again
Oh, happy I am, let's give a toast to us with wine
Hack the heads rolling over there
I'll cut my arm myself

The shadows whispered for the last that
God will decide where's
The end of line for us
I'm gonna look up at drawings from hell,
Will you be above or bottom?

Before my knows I was crying held by fire
And I shook the load off which is
Turned to dust
Again and again I flapped to go back to black night sky
Put fire on, run up to above
Then I melted into the dark sky
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The Hollow Wings Lyrics

Followbane – The Hollow Wings Lyrics

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